Thermoman's Greatest Challenge
Season 1, Episode 4-104
Air Date February 25, 2000
Writer Paul Mayhew-Archer
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code IPEA147K
Previous Mission Impossible
Next Old Man Riverdance

Thermoman's Greatest Challenge is the fourth episode of My Hero.


Thermoman's repeated visits to the health centre to save Janet from a wasp sting or a spider are baffling patients and staff. Piers thinks he's made a new celebrity friend and invites him to be guest of honour at the fund-raising party he has organised to boost his own public image. Janet's parents insist both George and Janet attend the party so that George can personally thank Thermoman for saving Janet from falling into the Grand Canyon. Not easy, given that George is Thermoman. George hatches a cunning plan which involves him meeting Thermoman in the toilets, but the fake rendezvous doesn't quite go as planned.


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  • 5 million (20.5% audience share)


  • Ella sees George in the shower and hints that he's a "big boy", but in Parents Janet says a couple of things are bigger "his lungs and, for some reason, his navel, otherwise he's like Dad" to which Ella replies "You poor girl". Also, a scan done in a season four episode reveals him to be a "big boy".
    • Ella may have forgotten.

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