The Family Way
Season 4, Episode 32-409
Air Date October 3, 2003
Writer Trevelyan Evans
Pete Sinclair
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code ICEC489L
Previous The Consultant
Next Time and Time Again


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Janet and Ollie arrive home while George is out. George soon comes back with a pink baby outfit, too small for Ollie. A confused Janet asks who it's for, George realises that he has no idea. Ollie spots a Kangaroo walking behind George. Janet is shocked and asks George what it's doing here. George reveals that the Joey got seperated from his mother in a Forest Fire, deciding to have it stay here. Janet refuses to let him stay, although George says he looks like someone from Eastenders, George soon takes him back. Later on, George has spaghetti with Janet, saying that he cried so much, Joey's mother nearly drowned. Janet suspects George is getting broody but he insists he's happy as they are, saying one's enough for him. Janet alerts George to the fact he's stirred his spaghetti into the shape of baby shoes.

At the Health Centre, Mrs. Raven is handing out reviews for Dr. Crispin to the paitents. Janet talks to her about the new situation with George, Mrs. Raven says that children cost too much. Mrs. Raven tells a curious Janet about the review, Dr. Crispin's cries of anger from his office suggest it isn't that good. Janet reads, it says that he is 'utterly superficial' and suffers from a case of 'terminal vanity'. Piers comes and takes a paitent's anti-depressents before taking a look at the new equipment he's ordered.



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  • 6.51 (26.99% audience share)


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