The Sunday/Dawkins Family is a mixed-species family consisting of both Ultronians and Humans. On the Ultronian side, Seamus Sunday was the original Thermoman. With Ulrick Sunday they concieved a son, George Sunday, who became the next Thermoman, they also had other children. Seamus also had a sibling who bore a child named Arnie. On the Human side, Benjamin was the father of either Stanley or Ella Dawkins. Stanley and Ella married and concieved Janet Dawkins, and between Arnie and Ella in an altered timeline, her younger half-brother Arnold. After saving Janet as Thermoman, he fell in love her and they soon became boyfriend and girlfriend. On the day of the birth of their first child, Ollie Sunday, they married each other. They later had a daughter, Cassie Sunday, fourteen months later.

Family TreeEdit

Unnamed Sibling --Seamus Sunday + Ulrick Sunday  Stanley Dawkins + Ella Dawkins
       |                            |                                 |
       |                            |                                 |
   Arnie                        George Sunday + Janet Dawkins 
                                     Ollie Sunday--Cassie Sunday

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