Pet Rescue
Season 3, Episode 16-303
Air Date June 21, 2002
Writer Paul Mayhew-Archer
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code ICEB785K
Previous Zero Tolerance
Next The Older Man


Why do we British love our pets so much? George can't understand it, until his mother-in-law's dog Biggles (who prefers to be called Malcolm) explains it all to him. But talking to animals gets him into big trouble...


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Guest starringEdit


  • 5.9 million (27.7% audience share)


  • Malcolm (Biggles) understands what Janet is saying and replies to George, but it is George who is using the "inter-species interpreter".
  • Mrs. Raven says the doctor took one look at her yesterday and said her supposed bubonic plague was probably just a cold, but in the next scene Piers says she hasn't been in for a couple of days.
    • She was making up stuff to the woman she was talking to.

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