Old Man Riverdance
Season 1, Episode 5-105
Air Date March 3, 2000
Writer Paul Mayhew-Archer
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code IPEA148E
Previous Thermoman's Greatest Challenge
Next The Party's Over

Old Man Riverdance is the fifth episode of My Hero.


George receives a visit from his father Seamus, the original Thermoman, who now resides in the Dunrescuin home for retired superheroes in Florida. (He shares a room with the Invisible Man, who is no longer invisible, but all the residents have to pretend he is). Seamus, is unhappy that his son is co-habiting with an Earth girl. Apart from the smell, she is interfering with his work.

On planet Ultron, a father's word is law, or risk inter vention by the all-powerful Ultron Council a prospect George doesn't relish having seen what they did to his cousin Arnie. Having given the couple two days to try to prove him wrong, Seamus decides George must leave. But Janet has a plan: if Seamus meets her own parents and hears how much they disapprove of George, this should make Seamus jump to George's defence. Fine in theory; in practice the parents bond in mutual disapproval of their offspring's relationship. There is only one thing to do. If George wants to stay with Janet, he must renounce his superhero status...


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  • Janet says she never uses the F-word, but during the recording of the The Consultant, the eighth episode of series four, Emily Joyce did. She said a retake was due to Ardal's f***-up, not hers and got one of the biggest laughs of the recording session.
  • Mrs Hewitt is the only patient in the entire show to see one of the other doctors. Mrs. Raven tells her "you can go through now" but she doesn't go to to either Piers' or Janet's office. In series one, the staff at the Northolt Health Centre are: Dr. P. Crispin, Dr. J. Plumb, Dr. R. Drew, Nurse J. Dawkins and Receptionist Mrs. Raven.


  • 5.1 million (20.1% audience share)


  • George destroys the TV when angrily switching it off, but later he watches A Touch of Frost, but Janet says she would prefer to watch Ground Force.
    • He's an Ultronian, he could have rebuilt it.
  • George says Janet (and all Earth women) smell like a dead sheep to Ultronian noses, but in Guess Who's Coming to Lunch? he says she smells prettier than a cinnamon and apple pie.
    • As George said, he quite likes the smell now, "like an old kebab". He might have started it as early than then, considering the smell to be prettier than a cinnamon and apple pie.

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