Nothing to Hide
Season 5, Episode 38-505
Air Date February 4, 2005
Writer James Cary
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code ICED146P
Previous Cassie Come Home
Next Brain Drain


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Guest starringEdit


  • A plotpoint in this episode appears in the Genie in the House episode, Say Cheese, which was broadcast nearly a year and a half after Nothing to Hide. It also shows the original Mona Lisa being accidently destroyed by a main character and getting Leonardo da Vinci to paint another. However, in My Hero, Leonardo da Vinci is shown alive in the present day while in Genie in the House they pluck him out of the past. It is possible that writers of Genie in the House were inspired by My Hero.


  • 4.76 (20.04 Audience Share)
  • 3.27 Multi Channel Homes 21.68 Share MCH
  • No 8 in Top 10 Entertainment Shows for the week


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