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George is determined to prove his devotion as a father, so, unable to get Cassie into a local Church of England pre-school after a disastrous interview with the local vicar, he decides to set up an Ultronian faith school to give his daughter a taste of Ultronian culture – much to Janet's despair.


When Ollie's pet spider dies George ressurects it but accidently kills it again. Ella,Stanley and a Vicar are coming so Cassie can get into St. Leonard's School, so George quickly researches the Bible. When the Vicar arrives George shocks him by saying that he loves Satan. In the Health Centre Mrs. Raven is working on drugs testing by spiking Pier's coffee and testing the side effects. In George's office he tells Janet that Cassie should go to an Ultronian faith school of of 'Wa-Tu-Ma-Hey-Go-Flaa'.

When Janet refuses to let Cassie go to a Faith school on Ultron George decides to make his own faith school in Northolt and starts preaching on the streets. When it fails, George decides to be like Jesus and ressurect people, he does this to Piers after one of Mrs Raven's tests kill him. After this miracle all of Northolt soon join Wa-Tu-Ma-Hey-Go-Flaa, despite Janet's pleas to stop George continues to act as a messiah. Arnie takes some of George's stuff and sells it on a shopping channel. Later in George's office Piers claims he is the messiah as he was ressurected, Mrs. Raven tries to ressurect him but fails.

Piers appears on the news with Mrs. Raven to say that George is not the Chosen One as he is not a virgin and Piers is because he is a Virgin. George goes to the Health Centre to confront Piers. Mrs. Raven decides that Piers and George will jump off the roof to prove which one is the chosen one. George goes to the flat to find Cassie has gone to the school on Ultron. George decides Cassie is more important than his religion and renounces his role as the chosen one. George and Janet then watch Piers on television, since George has forefitted Piers refuses to jump so Mrs. Raven tells him to just wave to the crowd and prepares to push him off.




  • The Vicar in this episode previously appeared in George's Funeral in The Living Dead, in this episode his name is revealed as David.


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