Mine's a Double
Season 3, Episode 21-308
Air Date August 9, 2002
Writer Paul Alexander
Simon Braithwaite
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code ICEB791A
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He looks like George, he sounds like George, he even kisses like George as Janet discovers when Hilary, George's identical clone from Ultron, arrives when George goes back to his home planet for a surperhero refresher course. Havoc, of course, ensues...


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  • Arnie sets up, but it's still available as a web site.
  • How can Arnie use his contacts on Ultron to check out Hillary, if he's lost all his powers?
    • Arnie could have a secret Spacepod, or he could have used the Ultronian equivalent of Facebook.
  • George blames the cuts on his face on the power shower but in Mission Impossible, Janet states that they don't have a power shower (George got the Marmite off his costume with a power shower in Niagara Falls).