Illegal Alien
Season 5, Episode 35-502
Air Date January 14, 2005
Writer Paul Mayhew-Archer
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code
Previous The Foresight Saga
Next The First Husband's Club


After Mrs Raven has a bust up with a patient (whose husband also happens to be an immigration officer, Mr Alison), George and Arnie find themselves under investigation, to find out if they are 'illegal aliens'. Without documentation proving their right to stay in the country the situation seems hopeless.


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Guest starringEdit


  • 5.42 (22.83 Audience Share)
  • 3.78 Multi Channel Homes 24.90 Share MCH


  • After George kisses Tyler, Stanley refers to Tyler as "that man" as if he doesn't know who he is, but they've met each other quite a few times in the show, Tyler even had him as a lodger once. (Puttin' on the Writs)

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