A Sporting Chance
Season 4, Episode 24-401
Air Date August 8, 2003
Writer Paul Mayhew-Archer
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code ICEC483X
Previous A Day to Remember
Next The Living Dead


As a peace-loving Ultronian, George knows nothing of the psychology of competition. So when Piers asks George to join his cricket team, George hasn't a clue what he's in for. After a crash course on the rules of cricket from Janet, George takes the field and decimates his own team with his over-zealous fielding, then surprises everyone by scoring a near-impossible 24 runs off the last 4 balls. Finally George knows the sweet taste of victory and becomes horribly attracted to it, beating Piers at everything from tennis to swimming!


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Guest starringEdit


  • 5.19 million (26.67% audience share)


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